We distinguish ourselves from trade buyers and private equity firms in our approach…
  • No asset-stripping or relocation
  • Development, not down-sizing, of existing staff
  • Preservation of the sellers’ professional legacy
  • Reliability and transparency during the acquisition process
  • Organic and steady growth of the business
  • Flexibility regarding the sellers’ transitional role

Acquisition Criteria

Turnover = £1.5M-£20m

EBITDA = £250K-£1m

Engineering and Industrial Manufacturing
Principle business anywhere in the UK

International operations/offices are acceptable

Business Fundamentals
– Track record of stable revenue

– Established market positioning

– Strong NAV

– Potential for growth

Existing Management
Strong in situ management capable of assuming seller’s responsibilities following a reasonable transition period
Transitional Role of Seller
We are flexible in meeting seller preferences, which could include:

– A limited consultative role to facilitate the transition.

– A more significant operational role that eliminates administrative responsibility and focuses on growth opportunities.


Because the TGM team possesses substantial financial, operational, accounting and legal expertise, we are able to conduct all due diligence and prepare all legal documentation ourselves, rather than outsourcing to accountants, law firms or other advisers. As a result, we can complete transactions in an extremely expedited, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Stage 1 Initial Review

  • Review of business materials
  • Assessment of financial accounts
  • Indication of interest

Stage 2 Diligence and Discussions

  • Initial meeting with sellers
  • Heads of Terms
  • Additional detailed diligence
  • Further discussions/meetings with sellers to discuss business, timelines and transition

Stage 3 Documentation and Completion

  • Share Purchase Agreement (and other definitive documents)
  • Completion

Post Acquisition

Stability in Transition

When a company has been run by the same small team for many years, the transition to new management is a critical, and sometimes complicated, phase in the development of the business.

We work closely with the sellers and management to ensure the continued stability of the company, minimise disruption to the day-to-day operations of the business and reassure staff members that the principles underpinning the business pre-acquisition will continue to constitute the guideposts going forward.


TGM believes that the period immediately post-acquisition represents a rare chance to reflect on future opportunities.

We engage staff within all key functions of the business developing a six-month business plan to pursue and capitalise on such opportunities, focusing on both:

  • “macro” factors affecting the sector generally, such as market trends, the competitor landscape, changes in technology and regulatory developments; and
  • “micro” factors relating specifically to the company, such as marketing, sales, operational processes, product development, pricing policies and development of staff skills.